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Cozy nest meaning

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verb move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position synonyms: cuddle, draw close, nestle, nuzzle, snuggle nestle, snuggle position comfortably draw close pull towards oneself see more noun a gang of people (criminals or spies or terrorists) assembled in one locality "a nest of thieves" see more noun a kind of gun emplacement.

Just a love nest, cozy and warm, Like a dove rest, down on a farm, A veranda with some sort of clinging vine, Then a kitchen where some rambler roses twine; Then a small room, tea set of blue, There's the ball room, dream room for two, Better than a palace with a gilded dome, Is the love nest you can call home!.

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n. care provided for old or sick people or children in a resi ... empty nest syndrome. n. feeling of emptiness experienced by parents af ... [Psych.] Elvis has left the building. exp.

The years of 2008 through 2011 held the events of the death of my aunt, who was only 39; a toxic relationship full of abandonment, betrayal, dishonestly, infidelity, and neglect, along with some Dean R. Koontz style drama; a miraculous birth, (and yes, I mean in two forms of birth control on my part), a second nasty custody.

In The Cozy Nest Egg Podcast, we discuss the personal finance topics we write about on our website Please note that all content is purely educational and should not be misconstrued as personal advice.

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